StarLord or Star Lord or Starlord

When the kids start playing we generally don’t get involved. We let their play not be obstructed by how we think they should be playing. Most of the time they have fun and do not need our involvement. But this is one time I got involved. I wanted them to tell a story with Starlord. I grabbed my camera and we went around the back yard telling out story and taking pictures. We had so much fun. The kids took turns where Starlord was going next.


Kids need play time. They need storytelling. Without storytelling we don’t get our movies today, our books we read, or our magazines. Even pictures tell a story. We need imagination. We need creativity.

As the temperatures rise for the upcoming spring and summer months, we need to encourage play. We get so busy with life and routine we sometimes forget to just let them be kids. Or in my case, get so busy with teaching them life skills that I forget to just let them be kids. My mission is to encourage them to be kids. Ask less of them. Let their minds wander and wonder.

Life will always be here. There is a time for play.

Who Are You?

Do you know who you are? I mean deep down into your soul.

What do you do when you no longer resonate with who you seem to be? I mean, how do you change YOU. Its not something you can just stop doing.

When I read about a certain way of life I really resonate with it. I could spend all day looking at photos of how people tend to have their homes set up like this. The quotes speak to my soul. But it seems that it isn’t possible with my family.

I like color. Lots of color. I don’t like lots of things around the floor. With as many kids as I have there is always things on the floor. The house looks cluttered and messy if there are lots of stuff on the floor.

I like to go places. Do things. See the people. I do not like to be inside one place day after day. How do you incorporate that with kids? How do you show them the beauty of the world?

There are times that I enjoy being a home body. Then there are times when being a homebody transforms me into a person that gets scared to go outside and do anything to stay home. Its a balance that isn’t easy to maintain.

How do you incorporate the world into your home without spending your whole income?  There are so many fascinating things about the world that I’d love to show the kids. There is still so much more I’d love to experience.

My soul speaks to me and says this isn’t it. This isn’t it.

The House

The house.

… is a complete mess. There are overflowing boxes stacked along the walls. Contents spilling out onto the floor. Our beautiful dining room table is covered with things no one knew what to do with as they unloaded the cars. Wires and cords are a little of everywhere.

Tomorrow is the big day. (No, not moving day.) Tomorrow is the day we go through the boxes that are inside the house and finding homes for everything. Finding homes. That should be fun. Read that with sarcasm. As much as I love organizing things I do not like organizing things that do not have a home. And there isn’t homes for them that I like. So we are going to make homes temporarily. I do not like temporary but it is what it is.

We have gone almost 2 weeks with no internet, cable, or land line phone. With 9 kids. Our home is a technology and electronics home. I know a lot of you will scoff at that, but we are who we are. This is us. We like it that way. There are times that they do have too much and we will find ways to scale back. Only when it starts becoming a problem though. We are ALL going a little stir crazy. There aren’t any parks within walking distance of us. So taking a walk to let them play at a park isn’t an option.

February is the month that we will have our house set up for the most part. That doesn’t include any fine tuning that will be done. Let’s face it. Fine tuning isn’t every truly finished. Although, there will be NO painting in this house. Building yes. We already have a wishlist of what we want to build in this house. Quality bookshelves is pretty high on the list.

Of course there will be pictures once we are unpacked. A house tour here and on my youtube channel will be posted. Keep an eye out for those. I’ll also be doing a giveaway for everyone that posts in response to my youtube channel. You will be entered into a drawing. You can only be entered once. I will post more details on that later.T^he

Moving Day

Moving Day

Let’s just start out by saying this. I hate moving day. Well, let’s be specific. I hate packing. I was spoiled by the military by having them pack up everything and they move you. If we could have had that option, I would have jumped on it. Sadly though, we did not.

It doesn’t help that I ran out of boxes too and no time to gather more. In our area there are lots of people that move all year round so the ability to get boxes for free are everywhere. However, I didn’t have the car space anymore to get them. My car was loaded with the things I didn’t want to get damaged. Mainly my photography equipment.

The first load went smooth considering it was pouring rain and the second truck was pulling the car on a car dolly through the storm. The second haul went longer due to trying to pack everything in any possible container that was available and lots didn’t get get a box. And the unload took longer due to that also. I’ll say it again. Packing sucks.

Another hiccup in our journey is the fact that we will not have TV services, phone, or internet for 2 weeks. TWO weeks! I keep calling hoping for a cancellation but just the act of calling takes an hour out of my time. Each time. Having kids and no tv or internet is not the most fun times. They are not use to not having those things. They are taking it good however. They’re doing their best.

Routine is shot. We are trying to gather a routine but we didn’t really have one before so it makes it harder to just jump right into one. I will be working on that today. I need to make us out a routine sheet so that we make sure we are getting our homeschooling time in and our cleaning time in. Two very important tasks for a family our size.

Packing a Home

One does not simply just start packing boxes. Although this does not look organized, which it really isn’t, there is still some rhyme and reason to this chaos.

We will eventually actually be all moved. Little by little a box here gets packed and stacked. With kids underfoot a couple of boxes that get packed while one is getting unpacked. So I then have to go back and repack and tape that box back up. I’ve repacked the same box probably three or four times. The kids have wasted a complete roll of packing tape. We’ve lost the tape gun for a day.

We have completed a handful of applications. Talked to a few realtors. Heard back from a couple. We had a house ready to move into. That same house came back and changed plans. Its no longer ready. We’ve been denied. We have almost lost our minds and our patience.

There is a lesson from God here and we do not yet know what it is. But its there. If we just look back when this is over and try to see it. In the meantime we need to do our best where we are at. Its not so easy sometimes. We just need to trust in God and His ways.

When all this is over I will be happy to be all settled in the new home. I look forward to making our new home a sanctuary for my husband to come home to after a longer commute than what he is accustomed to. The kids will have new routines and new rules. It will all be a learning curve for all of us.

Goals for 2017

That’s what I like about January. Its a month for reflection and for dreaming. Reflecting on the year before us and what worked and what didn’t work. What we wanted to accomplish and what we didn’t accomplish.

Then to look ahead and dream of bigger and better things that lie in store for us. Once we dream it we can absolutely achieve them. That’s the beauty of dreaming. Don’t let others pull you down to their negativity. Your mind is a beautiful thing.

What are you dreaming for in 2017? What are your goals for the year? I’m going to share mine with y’all.

Personal Goals: (I didn’t number them because they are not listed in order of importance.)

  • Having daily bible study time to get to know and dig deeper into the Word and learn from God.
  • Reading the bible daily. Not just bible study time. A time set aside for just reading the bible to hear what God has in store for me. To let the Holy Spirit guide me.
  • To be more put together as a woman. Do my hair and makeup and dress better than I am this past year. No lounge wear on a regular basis. Getting out of pajamas and into clothes you would wear out in public. Dressing as if you were going to meet your enemy.
  • Having a home routine that sets the tone of the home. No more going with the flow of the day but having more structure to our day.
  • Setting a routine in our homeschool days. More read aloud time with the kids. Setting an example for the kids by also sitting down with them and doing my work right along side them.

Business Goals:   Beachbody

  • Getting more clients.
  • Sharing my workouts.
  • Sharing my eating plans.
  • Sharing motivation with others.
  • Sharing my goals of helping other pregnant and nursing moms get back their health back.

Lynda Larson Photography

  • Get more clients
  • Adding more props. Buying and DIY. The joy is also in making them yourself. More love added to the photos.
  • Volunteer for a good cause. Get credit.
  • Practice. Practice. Practice. (Not letting a slow time be slow.)
  • Learn more editing.
  • Learn. Never stop learning. Attend mentorships and workshops.


I firmly believe that the act of writing down your goals AND sharing them plays a huge role in aligning your future and your goals together. The next step is to invite God and have his hand in the planning of your future. It is Him who has a role whether you like it or not. He is alMighty.


Success is Never a Straight Path

Here is a blog from an amazing coach I know. She tells it like it is and isn’t shy about it. She doesn’t sugar coat that its hard in the beginning. So here’s her story by Melanie Mitro.


Success is NEVER A Straight Path! If you follow me you might not know this about my story! I shared this on Facebook the other day and wanted to share it here too! I started coaching 5 1/2 years ago and 5 1/2 years ago my husband thought I was making the BIGGEST mistake EVERRRR!!!…

via Success Is Never A Straight Path — Melanie Mitro


What is it about this time of year that gets everyone sick? Doesn’t matter where in the country you are. Different weather, different temperatures,  but same sickness. 15896294_10154982286971424_2830084073609604678_o

On top of all this, I’m suppose to be coordinating and packing for a move, homeschooling the kids, while still cleaning up messes after the kids because we still live here. I can’t be sick right now. Next month is good. I can be sick next month. Hahaha. If only we could schedule being sick.

I’m also procrastinating packing until I have a definite house and move date. Its hard to pack not knowing where we are going. I like to pack to the house that we’ll be moving into. Each box gets labeled. I can’t do that with no house in mind. That is how my mind works. I could pack to how this house is and then go from there.

What are some of your packing tips?